“Necessity is the mother of innovation”, we all have heard it over the times. Also we know, that innovation is a two way process, from the person who developed the innovation to the one who use it. And I won’t be wrong if I say, that the most part of the innovation depends upon the developer, the person who made it possible for the users to use it. In the recent year, we’ve seen a widespread use of a word developer (either Mobile App Developer or Web Developer) and sudden rise of the people performing these jobs. Keeping in mind these terms, this blog will contain the core knowledge about web and app development.

What is Web/App Development and how does the development differ with designing?

The word ‘Development’ actually means to make or develop something. In the context of Mobile or App development, the development stands for the structure and functionality of a project. For example what action will perform when one can click on that, or how to interact with the users when to show this and that etc, are all kinds that come under the development process.

Whereas, on the other side, the term designing stands for the appealing look of the project, a user interface or a user designs. The project color theme and design according to the scenario. For an instance, let’s compare the designing and development pattern in terms of a car. A car is made up of many things, but when we talk about the functionality it performs such as the brakes, manual or auto, steering design, etc. these all have a connection with development. On the contrary, when we talk about the car design, theme, layout, and color, it is obvious we’re referring to its design patterns.

What is require for the development of website/application?

If you want to develop a website, but the case is that you don’t know the basics of programming or don’t have the coding background, no worries, not a problem at all. The ideal case is to hire the services of a developer. Furthermore, there are companies offering web and app development. If you’re living in Dallas, there are many companies present of best web design company in Dallas. And if you want to go with E-commerce website design or application development, you’ll also find a web development company offering E-commerce design in Dallas as well as mobile application development company in Dallas.

The above things are for those who’re not aware of the basics of programming or do not have any programming background. If you’re the one, having the programming background, and want to discover the things that might let you develop a website, here is the guide for you:

Head up with HTML and CSS:

You can argue with the programming languages that are required to develop a web, for example it’s up to you to use any such web programming language that makes your idea and plan/project reliable. You can use C# with web or JavaScript or any other, but one cannot use these programming languages with HTML (Hyper-Text Programming Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), because these are what your website basic layout and designing depends upon. Even the basic purpose of these programming languages regardless of scripting is to manipulate the HTML syntax, forms, and CSS styles. So, to become a web developer, you must have the know-how (not required professionally) of HTML and CSS, and remember there are not programming languages at all.

Tighten your seat belts with a programming language:

After being done with the layouts and styling, all you require is to learn a programming language related to the web development. A programming language that is suitable for scripting and performing actions on the web basis. Personally, I’d refer you to go with JavaScript, because that’s the basic and the most used programming language of the current time. Quite easy as compared with others, OOP (Object Oriented Programming) approach, efficient, and more than all of these things, a number of frameworks of JS are available in markets that takes your JavaScript to another level, and furthermore, JS is still evolving… one of its example we’ve seen in the recent release of back-end programming with JS technology.

So, if not an expert, you’ll still be able to develop your website code, by following these mentioned technologies (languages). So, be focused to become a web developer, until next time, thanks for reading.

Author Bio:

Emily Matthew is a passionate blogger who loves to write on digital marketing and Mobile App development related topics. She is passionate about technology and currently working as blogger for a Techy Pros. @EmilyeMatthew